Varley are the Berlin-based atmospheric indie trio centred around the mesmerising vocals of Dublin-native Claire-Ann Varley. Weaving fragile yet poised melodies and melancholic lyrics within a dense soundscape, Varley create captivating moments to get lost in. 

Lyrically putting herself in the shoes of others, Claire-Ann finds herself sympathising with the underdogs and trying to fathom the inner workings of society. Her fragile vocals are embedded in warm acoustic guitars, mellow synths, earthy drums and ethereal pedal steel guitar sounds, provided by multi-instrumentalists and producers Joschka Bender and Matthias Heising. 

In February 2018 Varley released their self-produced debut-single  ‘Roamer’ which peaked at #23 in the Spotify Viral Charts, has amassed more than 600.000 plays on Spotify and received airplay support from German indie-radio stations such as Fritz, Flux-FM and Deutschlandfunk Nova. 

On September 21st, Varley release their second single ‘Lonely Were The Days’ on UK label Seahorse Records. With the almost mantra-like refrain of „Got to be something“ this is a track which will resonate with many of us in 2018’s insta-fuelled western world. 

Whilst being compared to the likes of Chvrches, Phoria and Alice Jemima is inevitable, Varley have a unique outlook on life and music that makes this sound very much their own. 

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